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Nothing undermines a piece of writing - from a published article or a business letter to an academic thesis or dissertation - as much as spelling errors, grammatical errors, and clumsy sentences. These are problems for editors, of course, but not every organisation or individual has access to a bank of professional proof-readers and editors. The answer is to find a proof-reading service; however, finding a good one can be difficult and, once you've found one, there's always the hassle of setting up meetings, delivering the manuscript, and keying in the firm's changes.

I can change that. By transferring files and communicating over the Internet, I'm little more than a click away.

I'll either limit my work to correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation (proof-reading), or I'll undertake heavier editing and possibly even a rewrite. You decide. Either way, I will then return your newly-edited and/or proof-read article, book, letter, or essay to you with the changes I've made highlighted.